Analysis of the ASPCA’s 150 Days of Rescue Campaign

In April of 2016, the ASPCA launched their 150 Days of Rescue Campaign. The purpose of this campaign was to honor the ASPCA’s 150th anniversary with an end goal of reaching 150,000 actions for animals in just 150 days.

All individuals had to do was donate at least 15 minutes of their time between April 10 and September 7, 2016 to help animals in need. Those who filled out the form  on the website also entered their favorite shelter for the opportunity to receive a $150,000 grant prize.


 Join the ASPCA’s 150 Days of Rescue Campaign Video Analysis 

On April 8th, the ASPCA uploaded this video to notify the public of their campaign. It is approximately a three minute video showing a variety of animals with voice overs by celebrities. The overall motive was to raise awareness of the issues these animals face daily and the actions you can take to help.

When analyzed from a marketing perspective, this campaign is successful in a few regards. First, it creates an emotional connection. The video is intertwined with cute animals and likable celebrities as their narrators, which makes it very entertaining.

Second, the video is educational. It depicts the horrible situations many animals are in, highlights the actions of ASPCA, and entails how you can help solve the problem.

Finally, the video makes the viewer feel like the hero. Through donating to the ASPCA or other actions, the viewer is saving animals from horrendous circumstances.


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