Snapchat’s Newest Update

This week, Snapchat released their newest update for iOS. A few key differences include a search bar and the use of Bitmojis as avatars.

Since I am a member of the Android family, I was a little late to the party. However, when I received the update last night, I absolutely loved it! I’ve been a Bitmoji person since it was released in July. The more use of Bitmojis, the better!

I think the update was a smart move by Snapchat. The search bar allows you to search for specific friends to start a chat or view their story. As a result, the viewing and interaction side of Snapchat has now become selective. More than likely, this will be embraced by many people who want to avoid excessive stories or only want to communicate with one or two friends.

In an ever changing social media world, Snapchat does an amazing job. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for this innovative platform. Keep on, Snapchat!







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