Pinterest’s Newest Browsing Feature

Ever wanted to take a picture of an item and see what related topics or searches show up? Or you’re in a situation in which you have no idea of the name of the product you would like to search? Have no fear, Pinterest is here!

Recently, Pinterest announced they’re introducing their newest feature, Lens. Lens allows users to search for pins or ideas with the help of their smartphone camera.

Luckily, for us Pinterest lovers, this new feature should be available within the next few weeks. You can snap photos of any objects you encounter and browse Pinterest for all topics that relate to that picture. You don’t even have to provide an explanation of the picture. How fun is that?

Another fun fact about Lens is the feature incorporates computer vision and machine learning to enhance understanding of how we view objects and their usefulness to our everyday lives. The overall goal is to make searches more natural and/or authentic.

In addition to Lens, Pinterest is also launching two different visual search features: “Instant Ideas” and “Shop the Look”. Instant Ideas are meant to provide inspirations based on your visual searches whereas Shop the Look allows you to browse related products.

Personally, I think this is a brilliant update. Pinterest has always been a visual experience and adding Lens, Instant Ideas, and Shop the Look will only enhance that for their users. Also, it adds a sense of intimacy between the potential consumer and the app. Through providing similar purchasing ideas to the picture taken, the consumer will feel like Pinterest is paying attention to their preferences.

All I can say is keep it up, Pinterest!


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