Giphy and American Sign Language

For years, there’s been a debate on whether to pronounce the word “jif” or “gif.” It’s used to spice up tweets and express emotion through text. Now, you can learn a new language.

Recently, Giphy created an expansive GIF library that consists of at least 2,000 words in American Sign Language. The content is from an educational series Sign With Robert. Since there is no sound, there are texts with an image.

The purpose of the ASL flashcards is to educate the community on sign language. The most searched words on Giphy were the ones chosen for the flashcards. Flashcards are constantly looping which enables learning via repetition. In order to ensure accuracy the Sign With Robert team reviewed each card before it was published.

In CRS 290, we talked about presenting content in unconventional ways. Giphy has done an excellent job of transforming a primarily entertaining platform to an educational one. Through short and enjoyable videos, Giphy makes learning a new language feasible.


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