Instagram Slideshow = Absolute Brilliance

Have you ever been conflicted on which photos to post after an important event? There are 10 candidates but only one makes the cut. Ask anyone with an account and they more than likely encountered this struggle. Well fear no longer, Insta users! Say hello to Instagram Slideshow.

Now, Instagram users can upload a maximum of 10 photos and videos in a single post. There are blue dots at the bottom of a slideshow. This allows your followers to swipe and view all content.

The release of Instagram Slideshow is a brilliant strategy for personal and business accounts. Through these multi-photo posts, you can tell a story about your day. This storytelling feature allows users to understand your personality and/or lifestyle.

For companies, the more photos posted result in a better understanding of the brand. You can provide a variety of content through Instagram Slideshow to reach a wider target audience. The end result can be clicks, conversions, and/or engagement.


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