Overcoming the Instagram Algorithm: How to Boost Your Organic Reach

Intensely scrolling through a feed and adorning it with hearts and comments is a must for Instagram lovers. Although you may think you catch everything, the average Instagram user misses 70 percent of their feed. Shocking, right?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms used today. Popularity results in content overload on Instagram. As a result, the creators use an algorithm that ensures you see the photos and videos you care about the most.

The algorithm predicts the likelihood that you’re interested in specific content, the timing of the post, and/or your relationship with that individual. Overall, it eliminates what is deemed “low quality” and drives what you’re the most interested in to the top of your feed.

Here are a few tips to improve your organic reach. First, write compelling captions. Entertain, educate, and link back to your website.

Second, post videos. The average video watched increased 40 percent within the last six months.

Third, use the right hashtags. People click on commonly used hashtags, which results in an increase in potential following and likes.

Fourth, cross-promote. Promote your Insta content on other social media channels. The promotion will drive traffic back to your Instagram.

Fifth, Instagram contests. Incentives allows a business to truly connect their audience. In addition, it gets the participant excited about the brand and will increase engagement.

Finally, invest in social ads. Instagram ads use the same features as Facebook Ads. This makes it easy to create ads and will display them on both platforms.




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