Overcoming the Instagram Algorithm: How to Boost Your Organic Reach

Intensely scrolling through a feed and adorning it with hearts and comments is a must for Instagram lovers. Although you may think you catch everything, the average Instagram user misses 70 percent of their feed. Shocking, right?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms used today. Popularity results in content overload on Instagram. As a result, the creators use an algorithm that ensures you see the photos and videos you care about the most.

The algorithm predicts the likelihood that you’re interested in specific content, the timing of the post, and/or your relationship with that individual. Overall, it eliminates what is deemed “low quality” and drives what you’re the most interested in to the top of your feed.

Here are a few tips to improve your organic reach. First, write compelling captions. Entertain, educate, and link back to your website.

Second, post videos. The average video watched increased 40 percent within the last six months.

Third, use the right hashtags. People click on commonly used hashtags, which results in an increase in potential following and likes.

Fourth, cross-promote. Promote your Insta content on other social media channels. The promotion will drive traffic back to your Instagram.

Fifth, Instagram contests. Incentives allows a business to truly connect their audience. In addition, it gets the participant excited about the brand and will increase engagement.

Finally, invest in social ads. Instagram ads use the same features as Facebook Ads. This makes it easy to create ads and will display them on both platforms.




Instagram Slideshow = Absolute Brilliance

Have you ever been conflicted on which photos to post after an important event? There are 10 candidates but only one makes the cut. Ask anyone with an account and they more than likely encountered this struggle. Well fear no longer, Insta users! Say hello to Instagram Slideshow.

Now, Instagram users can upload a maximum of 10 photos and videos in a single post. There are blue dots at the bottom of a slideshow. This allows your followers to swipe and view all content.

The release of Instagram Slideshow is a brilliant strategy for personal and business accounts. Through these multi-photo posts, you can tell a story about your day. This storytelling feature allows users to understand your personality and/or lifestyle.

For companies, the more photos posted result in a better understanding of the brand. You can provide a variety of content through Instagram Slideshow to reach a wider target audience. The end result can be clicks, conversions, and/or engagement.

Giphy and American Sign Language

For years, there’s been a debate on whether to pronounce the word “jif” or “gif.” It’s used to spice up tweets and express emotion through text. Now, you can learn a new language.

Recently, Giphy created an expansive GIF library that consists of at least 2,000 words in American Sign Language. The content is from an educational series Sign With Robert. Since there is no sound, there are texts with an image.

The purpose of the ASL flashcards is to educate the community on sign language. The most searched words on Giphy were the ones chosen for the flashcards. Flashcards are constantly looping which enables learning via repetition. In order to ensure accuracy the Sign With Robert team reviewed each card before it was published.

In CRS 290, we talked about presenting content in unconventional ways. Giphy has done an excellent job of transforming a primarily entertaining platform to an educational one. Through short and enjoyable videos, Giphy makes learning a new language feasible.

Pinterest’s Newest Browsing Feature

Ever wanted to take a picture of an item and see what related topics or searches show up? Or you’re in a situation in which you have no idea of the name of the product you would like to search? Have no fear, Pinterest is here!

Recently, Pinterest announced they’re introducing their newest feature, Lens. Lens allows users to search for pins or ideas with the help of their smartphone camera.

Luckily, for us Pinterest lovers, this new feature should be available within the next few weeks. You can snap photos of any objects you encounter and browse Pinterest for all topics that relate to that picture. You don’t even have to provide an explanation of the picture. How fun is that?

Another fun fact about Lens is the feature incorporates computer vision and machine learning to enhance understanding of how we view objects and their usefulness to our everyday lives. The overall goal is to make searches more natural and/or authentic.

In addition to Lens, Pinterest is also launching two different visual search features: “Instant Ideas” and “Shop the Look”. Instant Ideas are meant to provide inspirations based on your visual searches whereas Shop the Look allows you to browse related products.

Personally, I think this is a brilliant update. Pinterest has always been a visual experience and adding Lens, Instant Ideas, and Shop the Look will only enhance that for their users. Also, it adds a sense of intimacy between the potential consumer and the app. Through providing similar purchasing ideas to the picture taken, the consumer will feel like Pinterest is paying attention to their preferences.

All I can say is keep it up, Pinterest!

Snapchat’s Newest Update

This week, Snapchat released their newest update for iOS. A few key differences include a search bar and the use of Bitmojis as avatars.

Since I am a member of the Android family, I was a little late to the party. However, when I received the update last night, I absolutely loved it! I’ve been a Bitmoji person since it was released in July. The more use of Bitmojis, the better!

I think the update was a smart move by Snapchat. The search bar allows you to search for specific friends to start a chat or view their story. As a result, the viewing and interaction side of Snapchat has now become selective. More than likely, this will be embraced by many people who want to avoid excessive stories or only want to communicate with one or two friends.

In an ever changing social media world, Snapchat does an amazing job. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for this innovative platform. Keep on, Snapchat!






Analysis of the ASPCA’s 150 Days of Rescue Campaign

In April of 2016, the ASPCA launched their 150 Days of Rescue Campaign. The purpose of this campaign was to honor the ASPCA’s 150th anniversary with an end goal of reaching 150,000 actions for animals in just 150 days.

All individuals had to do was donate at least 15 minutes of their time between April 10 and September 7, 2016 to help animals in need. Those who filled out the form  on the website also entered their favorite shelter for the opportunity to receive a $150,000 grant prize.


 Join the ASPCA’s 150 Days of Rescue Campaign Video Analysis 

On April 8th, the ASPCA uploaded this video to notify the public of their campaign. It is approximately a three minute video showing a variety of animals with voice overs by celebrities. The overall motive was to raise awareness of the issues these animals face daily and the actions you can take to help.

When analyzed from a marketing perspective, this campaign is successful in a few regards. First, it creates an emotional connection. The video is intertwined with cute animals and likable celebrities as their narrators, which makes it very entertaining.

Second, the video is educational. It depicts the horrible situations many animals are in, highlights the actions of ASPCA, and entails how you can help solve the problem.

Finally, the video makes the viewer feel like the hero. Through donating to the ASPCA or other actions, the viewer is saving animals from horrendous circumstances.

What I like/dislike about how companies market to me on social media

Companies are finding new and authentic ways to relate to their target audience. As a result, a prior search you may have conducted will appear on one of your social profiles in the midst of browsing.

The reminder of the item(s) you were interested in is beneficial for business because it increases the likelihood of purchases. Additionally, it drives further impressions and engagement to the website or designated social profiles. For the consumer, it provides a “personal” feel. Essentially, a personal stylist or second opinion on an item you may have been unsure of.

However, there are cons to these advertisements. For those who value their privacy, the intimate ads of recently searched items may serve as a violation. Often, this will result in more of a cautious nature when browsing websites. Also, instead of driving businesses, it may push away interested buyers.